Kustvlaai / ArtPie (2010)
	Tüyap Fair, Κωνσταντινούπολη, Τουρκία


			out of the palace kitchen (and into the blue), (2010)

			εκτύπωση A4

		out of the palace kitchen (and into the blue), (2010)

		χυτευτό γυαλί, φωτισμός. κόντρα πλακέ θαλάσσης

H22 x L15 x B5 cm




concept proposal        
My starting point is my interest in (functional as well as sculptural) objects from the so-called history of the 
applied arts.  I am interested in the border between the ‘autonomous’ and ‘applied’ qualities of such objects as 

well as, in their historical and social / cultural context. 
My working method is a research into the places (books, digitalized archives, libraries, internet) where such 
objects are being presented. I  collect visual material. I make prints of those images that move me. Later I try to 
re-construct these  photographic images into drawings  and/or sculptures. 
Questions relating to our perception of images, perception of history, tradition and cultural background are 
central questions in my work.
In Istanbul I would like to present drawings that relate to the Islamic pottery in general, and to Iznik pottery 
and the great collections of porcelain in the Top Kapi Palace in particular.

Apo Ntelakos